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We are selling digital products only, we don't have any return policy. Once you have purchased a product, you can not return it.


We are selling digital products only, we will not entertain any refund request. However, if you have asked for printing on demand, we can refund the printing fee.

Usage policy

Purchasing our product does not give you the rights to distribute, reproduce, resell. After purchasing, you are allowed to use our worksheets only for personal use only.

Commercial Usage

We strongly suggest you contact us at admin@mathworksheets.co before you start using our sheets for commercial usage.

If you are a teacher, tutor, school representative or representative of any organization which may use these worksheets for teaching, competition or any other similar purpose for more than one student (person). You should pay for the number of copies you are intending to use. You are not allowed to use these worksheets for "pay once and use forever" model. Please seek more advice here.



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